Mission to innovatenur-25

VERIPAN has the mission to accelerate innovation in in the global food industry through adoption of the most innovative technologies and alignment of market demand and offering. By providing our clients with new ingredients, knowledge and technologies, we enable them to accelerate development and to optimize products and processes.

Today, no producer of foodstuffs can afford to rely solely on proven concepts. Both the market and technology are constantly generating new trends and making way for unprecedented new opportunities. To be a leader in this competition requires fast, creative and often unconventional solutions that don´t sacrifice quality and reliability.


Quality you can taste

In order to reach value for money for our clients we use premium raw materials, traditional recipes and modern technology. We also provide our clients with product training, trouble-shooting and on-going support through our team of qualified technical bakers.
Please do not hesitate and ask us directly or one of our global distributor’s for more product information or for a personal presentation. You and your company can also benefit from our role as a catalyst and incubator of great ideas: let‘s get to know each other!

„There is only one proof of ability,–action.“

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
Austrian author (1830-1916)


How it started

VERIPAN LTD was founded in 1992 by three entrepreneurs, being the perfect combination of Research & Development, Production and Sales. Meiert J. Grootes and René Burgermeister are still major shareholders of VERIPAN through their stake in the Swiss PANADORO GROUP with headquarters in Zug. The internationally operating PANADORO GROUP is actively developing and implementing pioneering innovations for customers in the global food industry. Major shareholder and CEO Meiert J. Grootes comes from a family of chocolate manufacturers, representing its seventh generation in the food business.

Half bittere chocolade