LIQUID CAKE® SAVOURY BASE is high-quality liquid base for the production of savoury muffins and snacks, specially designed for the food service channel – simply extraordinary!

Having a good base recipe allows creativity and the use of whatever is on hand to make endless variations of savoury creations e.g. ham, cheese, vegetables, potato etc. Just mix them together, pour them into a tin and bake – absolutely simple, absolutely delicious!
LIQUID CAKE® SAVOURY BASE stands for high-quality, fresh products with a pleasant texture made for indulgence. The proprietary production process brings out the best of the natural flavours and guarantees the optimum baking results.

LIQUID CAKE® SAVOURY BASE has the following advantages:
• Easy application
• All natural ingredients of high quality (Clean label)
• Endless varieties possible
• Guarantee to succeed
• Freeze-thaw stable (both base and finished products)