There is a long tradition of using Parfait cream as pastry filling or serving it as a dish on its own. PARFAITO® will save you a lot of work as it can be prepared and processed quickly and easily: just whip-it before using! PARFAITO® is suitable for all premium bakery and confectionery products. It also keeps its shape well and can be frozen or kept at room temperature. Its strengths make PARFAITO® not only useful in the demanding confectionery business, but also in the food service channel.

PARFAITO® has the following advantages:
• Superior yield: Whips up quickly to its volume in minutes, making it cost-effective and easier to store than normal dairy cream.

• Outstanding stability: Holds in displays and under refrigeration, so gateaus, tarts, and desserts can be prepared in advance without re-whipping or re-applying

• Great taste: Smooth and creamy, with no aftertaste

• PARFAITO ® NATURE can be combined with virtually any flavour, colour or ingredient (including citrus), and won’t break down or curdle.





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