“Impossible” is just a solution that hasn’t been found yet.

Food Design on a contractual basis or socalled Contract Research has become increasingly important due to significant shorter development cycles, scarcity of internal R&D resources and rising openness for collaboration (“Open Innovation”). Our talented team of food developers works with clients in every phase of the product development lifecycle, from ideation, concepting, and protocepting, all the way to market launch.

Our strengths:

  • Compelling concepts with consumer “Frequency Appeal.”
  • Prolific protocepting with culinary inspired food technology.
  • Unique integration of consumer insights into the development process.
  • 23 years of experience across categories, technologies, and distribution channels with more than 2’000 new products developed.

Stay ahead of the curve

Come to us whenever you have got an idea, a concept board, or a dream, we can make it come to life. With our prolific protocepting, we are able to quickly turn concepts into edible products that you can test with your consumers. No matter at which stage you are in your new product development process, we are always happy to work with you!

Let us ideate for you

We are often approached by clients who are not able to produce new ideas anymore, because they have been working on a business, brand, or category for too many years. They have become blind to the manifold opportunities around them. Pair this with the increasing workload in daily business, and new ideas may indeed become rare. Let us help you to gain momentum again!

Our qualified technologists assist you with all your product development needs concerning perfect flavors, textures, colors and sizes. Whether your product is a bakery item, confection, dairy product or anything else, we can develop a protocept based on your marketing concept or optimize your existing formulae to reduce ingredient costs, improve product stability, or increase food safety. We can help you to find opportunities where seemingly there are none.

Scaling-Up and Commercialization

VERIPAN is the “new product development”- company that truly understands not only what makes food taste delicious or what concepts will appeal to consumers, we also have the know-how to turn those products into profitable commercial businesses. We do not only develop your new products, we also help you to scale-up and commercialize them.

Pilot Capabilities

We have the capability to do most types of food processing like fermentation, homogenization, pasteurization, and many more. And we also have cooperation’s with various off-site facilities, where we can produce many types of products for you.

The secret of our success is that we can keep a secret

We know how important absolute confidentiality is to our clients. Improving profitability means designing creative new products. We understand the need for unequivocal confidentiality, and we guarantee it to all our clients. Your projects, your products, even your name will be kept absolutely confidential from the moment you first contact us!