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Free From-Products

A few years ago, free-from products like gluten-free and lactose-free were virtually unheard of except in specialty health food stores. Today free-from has become part of the next wave: a “clean eating” lifestyle. Clean eating is not a diet, but a lifestyle choice for many consumers who are trying to eat foods in their most natural and unadulterated states. So free-from is really part of a bigger move toward minimally processed, whole foods with transparent sourcing and clean labels. The underlying premise concerning wheat is that many feel our bodies are rejecting seed that has been genetically modified (GMO) and plants that are chemically treated. The same is true for most milk-based products, except the fermented ones. We simply cannot digest it properly. In order to understand the dynamic growth trends taking place in the free-from market it is important to understand allergens and its relationship to: lactose intolerance, celiac disease, gluten intolerance, gluten sensitivity. Veripan has developed a whole range of free-from products based on our core philosophy “traditional recipes and modern technology”, which allows us to offer our clients premium clean-label ingredients for the production of everyday nutrition for clean eating customers.