PANISSA® is an egg-free glaze based on specially developed milk proteins and vegetable oil. It’s suitable for all kinds of dough. PANISSA® provides a lasting glaze and is easy to use, odorless, won’t rub off, and is hygienic.
PANISSA® is very user-friendly: it comes ready to brush, sprinkle, roll, or spray on, and is completely clean-label. PANISSA® is the perfect alternative for all egg-based glazes.

PANISSA® has the following advantages:
• Strengthens the stability of the gloss
• Crust becomes a natural gloss and colour
• Helps keeping the products fresh by acting as a water barrier
• Prevents the dough from sticking together during freezing
• All natural ingredients (No E – numbers)
• No sulphur or other off-flavors
• No contamination with micro-organisms (eg. Salmonella)



PANISSA before baking

Panissa after baking.

PANISSA after baking

Panissa seal