CREMOFINA®LF is the lactose-free variation of CREMOFINA®. It is the flexible all-rounder for the filling of all kinds of confectionery products e.g. sponge-cakes, pastries and cakes. It is highly appreciated by artisan and industrial pastry producers as well as the food service channel.

Benefits of CREMOFINA®LF

  • Superior yield: Whips up quickly to its volume making it cost-effective and easier to store than normal dairy cream
  • Outstanding stability: Holds in displays and under refrigeration (freeze/thaw stable), so desserts can be prepared in advance without re-whipping or reapplying
  • CREMOFINA® can be prepared and processed quickly and easily, no gelling agents or other additives are required
  • You can easily modify the basic assortment by adding fresh fruits, fruit bases or flavourings
  • Great taste: Smooth, light and creamy, with no aftertaste

Basic Assortment