PANISSA® is an egg-free liquid glaze and ready-to-use for all kinds of bakery products

It is based on specially developed milk proteins and vegetable oil. PANISSA® provides a lasting glaze and is easy to use, odorless, won’t rub off, and is hygienic.

Benefits for the industry

  • Clear and clean label
  • Technological advantage: Strengthens the stability of the gloss and can be applied in multiple ways e.g. nozzle and disc spraying equipment
  • Productivity: increases because easier to handle frozen doughs (no sticking)
  • Application: can be applied in all processes e.g. fresh, but also frozen. Is very user-friendly: it comes ready to brush, sprinkle, roll, or spray on
  • Quality: consistent quality for industrial production
  • Economical due to higher water addition
  • No contamination with micro-organisms (e.g. Salmonella)

Technical details:

  • Homogenized and pasteurized products
  • Shelf-life: 30 days under chilled conditions
  • Based on vegetable oil and milk protein

Solution readiness:

  • Market proven for industrial and artisan bakeries
  • Marketed in Switzerland only for artisan bakeries

Packaging: 4 liter bags

PANISSA® has many advantages

• Crust becomes a natural gloss and colour
• Helps keeping the products fresh by acting as a water barrier
• Prevents the dough from sticking together during freezing
• All natural ingredients (No E – numbers)
• No sulphur or other off-flavours like form egg

Panissa after baking.
PANISSA® before bakingPANISSA® after baking
Panissa seal