Fermented Doughs

PANATURA® is a complete solution range of fermented sourdoughs for yeast-raised baked goods. This natural solution is based on milling by-products. PANATURA® is a highly concentrated active sourdough with a dough-like consistency to produce premium industrial bakery products (artisan-style).

Application range: dark and white bread, ciabatta, brioche, croissant, soft buns, pizza.


  • Clear and clean label; no improvers necessary
  • Technological advantage: better dough tolerance during fermentation, that compensates volatile raw material quality
  • Productivity: reduction of production time, higher water addition, reduction of butter
  • Application: ready-to-use, can be applied in all bakery processes e.g. fresh, par-baked, frozen. Easy-to-use for non-educated staff
  • Quality: Fresh concentrated preferment resp. starter
  • Less equipment: classic mixing process

Technical details:

  • Shelf life: 45 – 90 days chilled and 12 months frozen
  • No E-numbers
  • 100% natural and if required also organic
  • Patented technology and registered brand
  • clean label and clear label

Solution readiness:

  • Industrial and market proven
  • Marketed in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Poland.

Packaging: tray or bucket with fresh chilled dough or frozen dough

Benefits consumer

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Premium Quality
  • better crumb and slicing properties
  • Stays fresh longer
  • Typical bread aroma of long fermentation
  • Simply tastes good!

Get an idea of the full PANATURA®– assortment and have a look at our PANATURA® Website here