Many consumers have bought a lot of flour during the past few weeks and now they are hoarding it. Soon the question will arise: What can we do with the flour? How do you bake your own bread? 

Without previous experience, baking bread at home with a normal oven is not easy. In addition, yeast cubes are hard to find in retail stores now.

Our solution: BROTZAUBER®

BROTZAUBER® (BREADMAGIC® ) is a liquid yeast-sponge for home-use with guaranteed success; portioned for private households. BROTZAUBER® is easy to use, without the need for extra yeast, without long fermentation times. Since the liquid pre-dough has been pre-fermented for at least 72 hours, BROTZAUBER® leads to a better aroma and taste as well as to keeping the baked product fresh for longer.


Benefits for consumers

  • Success guaranteed without special equipment
  • Easy to portion, easy to use, no long fermentation times necessary
  • 100% natural (no E numbers)
  • Suitable to produce various types of bread such as farmhouse bread, sweet yeast, Ruchbrot, Buerli, pizza, etc.
  • Aroma and cosiness for home

Benefits for society and industry

  • Product innovation that meets current consumer needs
  • Substitute product for yeast with high added value for consumers
  • Reduction of food waste – the use of flour is greatly simplified for the consumer

Have a look at our BROTZAUBER consumer website

Technical Details

  • Clean and Clear Label
  • Shelf-life of the liquid yeast sponge: chilled 30 days, frozen 12 months
  • Can be kept at room temperature up to 2 hours
  • Unique proprietary technology with self-developed devices and processing steps