In November 2016 Veripan AG hosted the first international PANATURA® Training Course (PTC) at the prestigious Richemont Craft School in scenic Lucerne, Switzerland.

During one and a half days participants from all over the world including Austria, USA, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Spain and the Netherlands gained a deep insight and understanding of our famous sourdough PANATURA®. Among many other topics we also discussed how the PANATURA® concept fits into the global food trends and exchanged important knowledge based on everyone’s expertise in their respective industry and country. During the whole training participants were able to interact with two of our master bakers, Christian Haug and Bruno Zehnder, as well as the lead baker at the Richemont Craft School Urs Röhtlin. The balance between theory and direct application in the bakery was valued by all participants and enabled them to whitness and understand first hand how PANATURA® sourdough is applied correctly.
Overall, the participants were thrilled by the results and the innovative environment nurtured a platform for an extremely valuable exchange of information for our way forward in a more global setting.