The ASX-listed Holista CollTech has yet again added a new product to its low-GI suite of products: The world’s first all-natural low-GI sugar.

Contrary to regular sugar, this sugar does not spike the blood sugar, thus reducing risks which could lead to heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Holista’s low-GI sugar mimics how nature adds sugars found in fruits and vegetables” Holista’s chief executive Rajen Manicka explained. “Sugar in nature is low-GI and our formulae is based on this insight. It satisfies all the sensory requirements of sugar. It also can replace sugar in its many industrial applications with minimal formulation challenges.”

Unlike other sugar-alternatives, which could only be used in beverages, such as artificial sweeteners, the natural low-GI sugar can be melted, baked and caramelized for use in all cooking applications, without the compromise of taste or mouth feel.

The all-natural low-GI sugar addresses the serious obesity and diabetes crisis we are facing today with rapid growth throughout the world, regardless of age or income class. A recent study in the highly acclaimed scientific journal Nature suggested that sugar – including sucrose and high fructose corn syrup – should be considered as toxic as other substances harmful to public health, such as with alcohol or tobacco. The authors urge government regulations to curb consumption, including taxes, advertisement restrictions, and even age requirements for purchase of sugary foods.
This is the most recent product from Holista CollTech to develop ingredients for smarter foods. Previously, the company partnered with the Swiss supplier of specialty bakery ingredients, VERIPAN AG, to combine its low-GI formula with the latter’s natural sourdough to create the clean-label PANATURA®GI for the production of low GI white breads (to find out more about this please  click here).