Matzingen, 18.11.2018 VERIPAN announces stunning breakthrough in gluten-free bakery products (GF) with all-purpose flour mix PANAFREE. Finally bakers can use an “all-in-one” solution for their gluten-free bakery products. Hence, no more bread with a dry and crumbly texture, a poor mouthfeel and off-flavors! Above all it is completely natural!

  • VERIPAN Researchers have invented a natural way to make gluten-free breads with much better technological and sensorial quality. Hence GF dough is easy-to-handle and doesn’t resemble a cake batter. Furthermore the GF dough can be shaped and freely-baked.
  • PANAFREE® makes gluten-free bakery products with a desirable appearance, texture, flavor, and mouthfeel properties. As a result final quality is similar to standard bakery products containing gluten, however without the use of any additives.
  • Now it’s possible to make a whole array of yeast-raised GF bakery goods like breads, rolls, bagels, tortillas, pizza, cinnamon rolls, cookies, fried batters and Muffins.
  • PANAFREE® is easy-to-use for automatic bakery equipment, traditional craft and home baking.
  • Our Innovation PANAFREE® is a perfect option for consumers with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Moreover also health-conscious consumers will be happy because of better nutritional properties” said Meiert J. Grootes, CEO of VERIPAN.

The demand for GF products more than doubled the past 5 years. Mainly due to more health awareness, diagnosis of celiac disease and other food allergies. More and more consumers without celiac disease are adopting gluten-free diets, because of widespread perceptions that it is healthier. Furthermore new research studies reveal that gluten may be responsible for activating  inflammation in chronic health conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Typ 1 Diabetes and Asthma. Finally the trend will grow further the coming years, because Food-Blogger and Influencers strongly promote gluten-free diets.

VERIPAN researchers developed a proprietary technology

The Veripan invention allows the combination of various known gluten-free ingredients to form elastic dough without the presence of gluten. PANAFREE is a mixture of water, baker’s yeast, and tailored gluten-free flours and starches. Because the dough has a gluten-like structure it is possible to entrap the carbon dioxid from yeast fermentation in the dough matrix. Consequently, the resulting gluten-free products look good and are simply delicious and nutritious, not only for celiacs.

 PANAFREE® is now available on commercial scale in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, South Asia and ANZ

“We are very happy to serve the global bakery industry with this stunning innovation,” Mr. Meiert J. Grootes said.

“We are very pleased to bring the innovation of PANAFREE® flour mix to North America.  The healthy ingredients and superior functionality make PANAFREE® an ideal addition to our innovative line of Better-for-You food products.  Finally PANAFREE® flour mix is incredibly versatile without compromise in taste or texture”, said Mrs. Nadja Piatka, CEO of Holista Foods.

“I am delighted to welcome the PANAFREE® flour mix to our portfolio of innovative food ingredients” Mr. Ulrich Zuber, CEO of Unipektin Ingredients AG, said. Finally “PANAFREE® flour mix is an ideal supplement to our current portfolio of clean-label and healthy natural fibers. Above all this new offering is a great option for consumers to eat gluten-free baked products, without compromising on the culinary experience” said Mr. Guido Schaer, director Business Development of Unipektin Ingredients.


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