In the world of baking, there are some products that prove to be true game-changers in the baking process. One of them is PANATURA® FORTE – our innovation that has been helping numerous customers for over 10 years to create exceptional quality bread and pastries. With our deep expertise in natural fermentation and extensive testing, we’ve carefully crafted PANATURA® FORTE. What exactly lies behind the name?


PANATURA® FORTE is a concentrated wheat pre-ferment, which can also be classified as sourdough in most European countries. PANATURA® FORTE gives baked goods a delightfully Mediterranean flavour that stands out from regular products. It’s a fermented fresh product made from meticulously chosen raw materials. This blend of natural ingredients gives PANATURA® FORTE its unique characteristics.


PANATURA® FORTE offers numerous benefits, making it a top-notch choice for both industrial production and your neighbourhood artisan baker.

Firstly, PANATURA® FORTE is a user-friendly wheat pre-ferment or sourdough that can be added directly to the main dough without any complex preparations. It’s made from carefully selected ingredients to ensure the highest possible quality.

Moreover, PANATURA® FORTE is known for its long 72-hour fermentation period. The use of PANATURA® FORTE significantly speeds up dough development for the user, saving time and effort. The resulting doughs are silky-dry and non-sticky, making them easier to work with.

Bread baked with PANATURA® FORTE is distinguished by its robust crust and excellent slicing ability. Additionally, the freshness of these breads is maintained over a longer period, resulting in an extended shelf-life, reduced waste, and thus, making a substantial contribution to sustainability.

Another advantage of PANATURA® FORTE is its lower dosage, typically ranging from 2-4% of the flour quantity, compared to traditional wheat sponges/pre-ferments at 25-40%, leading to cost savings.

How is PANATURA® FORTE used?

Using PANATURA® FORTE is straightforward. It’s added directly to the main dough along with the other ingredients. This wheat pre-ferment is suitable for all yeast-raised products, especially those with high volume. It can be utilized in various baking systems, including direct, delayed, and interrupted fermentation, par-baking, chilling, and freezing. For storage, it’s recommended to keep PANATURA® FORTE at a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius to maintain its quality.

A shortened bulk fermentation and the use of exclusively natural ingredients make PANATURA® FORTE the perfect choice for bakers aiming for the highest quality and the best flavour. Discover the difference with PANATURA® FORTE and take your baked goods to a completely new quality level!