Matzingen, 16.2.2024

Crafted for industrial bakers who seek perfection in every loaf, PANATURA® STARK WHITE is a granulated sourdough with a touch of baker’s yeast, designed to elevate your bread-making experience. It is the allrounder product within the PANATURA sourdough family. Picture the allure of Ciabatta, the elegance of a Swiss twisted baguette, a traditional Italian-style pizza or sweet yeast-raised doughs—all achieved swiftly.

But what exactly are the benefits of this product?

PANATURA® STARK WHITE stands out for its efficiency, requiring only a minimal dosage of 2-3% on the flour quantity, compared to the 20-30% dosage of traditional wheat sponge and dough. Furthermore, we have been able to successfully reduce proofing time from 24 hours to 4-6 hours without compromising quality. 

The smooth and dry texture of the dough prevents any stickiness, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free baking process. The resulting pieces of bread showcase a distinctive open crumb structure with large holes and a glossy, oily appearance, a hallmark of PANATURA® STARK WHITE.

Thanks to our proprietary fermentation process, this sourdough delivers a well-tolerated end product with a pleasantly aromatic and intensely flavourful taste. It is a natural product without additives, providing a wholesome baking experience. The flexibility of direct processing opens doors for experimentation and creativity in the kitchen.

How to Harness the Magic of PANATURA® STARK WHITE:

Indulge in the excellence of PANATURA® STARK WHITE bakery products. The true magic of this product shines through when handling high dough yields. While we typically recommend a dough yield of 170 – 180%, some of our Italian customers have even achieved an impressive 200% dough yield. This is accomplished through a combination of prolonged, slow mixing followed by a brief period of high-speed mixing. This unique process enables the dough to effectively absorb a significant amount of water, laying the foundation for exceptional bread.

The Result

Rediscover tradition in just 4-6 hours, capturing the essence typically achieved through 24-48 hours of fermentation. In summary, PANATURA® STARK WHITE isn’t just an ingredient; it’s a driving force behind a baking revolution. Embrace its simplicity, effectiveness, and exceptional qualities as you elevate your creations!