In today’s fast-paced society, many commercial bakeries had to turn to the use of technical enzymes to enhance their bread production process. Although technical enzymes do have some notable advantages, Veripan among other experts question the usage of technical enzymes. In response, we have decided to offer our customers a natural solution without technical enzymes: “PANATURA PURO”.

Technical enzymes in the baking process

Enzymes derived from bacteria and fungi, known as amylases, have been employed in the baking industry for many years. To be exact: 95 percent of all small baked goods in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, are produced with the help of technical enzymes. These enzymes play an essential role in determining the volume and influencing the color and flavor of bread, all while retarding the process of staling.

If using technical enzymes is so common, what’s the issue?

The biggest concern about technical enzymes is that they are often not mentioned on the packaging of the baked products. Experts question the lack of transparency in declaring technical enzymes. Additionally, there is a growing number of unanswered questions regarding the impact of technical enzymes on our organism. Therefore, there has been increased resistance to technical enzymes in bakery products, especially from consumer organizations and prominent retailers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Conclusively, during the fall of this year, a large-scale campaign called “baking without technical enzymes” was launched by various prominent retailers.

Our response: PANATURA PURO

The challenge of using technical enzymes raises the question of whether there are any viable alternatives. Veripan has thoroughly developed an innovative solution: PANATURA PURO. This sourdough, naturally fermented by different strains of specially selected Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB), provides an enzyme-free alternative. PANATURA PURO not only offers natural leavening but also enhances the texture and flavour of bread. Additionally, the fermentation increases the bioavailability of certain nutrients and improves the digestibility of bread.

PANATURA PURO exemplifies Veripan’s line of naturally fermented products with a dough-like consistency. As a living product, PANATURA PURO also meets todays sourdough regulations in most European countries. While traditional sourdough starters often require lengthy fermentation, PANATURA PURO is a ready-to-use solution for your baking process. It is fermented for a minimum of 72 hours. Thus, it allows for the production of high-quality bread with improved flavor, texture, and volume without the need for technical enzymes. Additionally, PANATURA PURO can also be used as a starter to create a Poolish. Ultimately, it offers a unique solution, allowing bakers to create distinctive breads without compromising on quality.



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