PANABIANCO® is a whole meal concentrate for recombined whole meal flour.
It has a white color, nutty flavour and gives longer shelf-life to whole meal products. PANABIANCO® is suitable for all standard bakery products.

Benefits for the industry

  • Clear and clean label
  • Technological advantage: gives a better tolerance during fermentation, higher dough yield
  • Productivity: increases because white flour from silo
  • Application: can be applied in all bakery processes
  • Quality: consistent quality for industrial production
  • Economical due to higher water addition
  • Equipment: no bran particles in the system

Technical details:

  • Shelf-life: 12 months versus normal wholemeal flour 20 days
  • Using Proprietary technology to stabilize the bran and germ
  • Using special milling technique to reduce particle size of bran
  • Mixed with white flour to become stable wholemeal flour

Specific label regulation: clean label and clear label

Solution readiness:

  • Industrial and market proven for whole meal buns and whole meal chilled pizza doughs
  • Marketed in Austria and Scandinavia

Packaging: 25 kg paper bags or big bag