Matzingen 18.11.2021

Swiss technology Platform VERIPAN announces the successful launch of their innovative gluten alternative NOVAPROT® LEURON. From now on millers and bakers can replace 30-50% of their gluten in a very cost-effective way. And more over the final baked goods even look and taste better.

  • VERIPAN researchers have invented a natural gluten alternative NOVAPROT® LEURON. As a result, millers and bakers can replace 30-50% of their wheat gluten in their formulations in a ratio 1:1.
  • Currently there’s a huge shortage of wheat gluten in the European market. Bad weather with heavy rainfalls during the summer resulted in a low wheat crop and a low protein quality. Parallel the global demand for wheat gluten is exploding, because it is a major raw material for many vegan meat alternatives.
  • NOVAPROT® LEURON is based on by-products of the milling industry. It is another great example of VERIPAN’s power to upcycle valuable side streams to high value-added functional ingredients.
  • By using NOVAPROT® LEURON it is essentially possible to replace wheat gluten in a natural way without any drawbacks in quality of the final baked goods.

Gluten replacer NOVAPROT® LEURON is based on upcycling of side streams combined with VERIPAN’s proprietary fermentation technology

“NOVAPROT® LEURON is now available on commercial scale and we are delighted to serve the European milling, bread improver and bakery industry with this amazing eco-friendly upcycling innovation,” Mr. Meiert J. Grootes said.

More about the VERIPAN Technology Platform here.